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15 years on …

When you’ve been in a relationship for as long as fifteen years, a couple of things happen. First, you start to lose count of how many years it’s been.  It took both of us plus fingers before we gasped “wow, has it been that long?”  More importantly, you no longer sweat the small stuff.

Today went by no differently from any other Saturday.  We ran errands, picked up the father-in-law from his dialysis session, went to church with my parents, grabbed a quick dinner and The Hubs spent the rest of the time mugging for his upcoming exams.  In between everything else, we found time to laugh, get on each other’s nerves and had an interesting conversation on how he’s always right, and I’m never wrong.  Oooh, I also asked for standing mixer as a present because I thought it would be fun to bake a cake from scratch.  I know, how unromantic 🙂

It didn’t bother me that we couldn’t find time to plan anything special today.  After being together for a while, I’ve learnt that there are some things that count.  And the rest?  Meh.

I’m not a fan of grand romantic gestures.  Instead, I’m thankful for someone who’s a wonderful listener, helps out with the housework,  is always fun to hang out with, makes me laugh all the time, puts up with my nagging, gives me the space to grow as a person and always (well, almost always) lets me have the last cookie in the house.

Happy anniversary.