Clean Eating

My journey into clean eating started more than one year ago when The Hubs was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma. In our quest to strengthen the body to fight the tumor naturally, we cut processed foods, refined flour and sugar. These days, we eat naturally and go organic and wheat-free, where possible. Our meals consist of lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and tofu. Considering that I used to eat nothing but meat, The Hubs sometimes looks at me and wonders where the carnivore he married went. We still indulge in the occasional steak or ice cream or bag of chips but most of time, we’re mindful what goes into our bodies.

While we’re not certain how much effect clean eating will eventually have on the tumor, it’s been incredible seeing how much our immune systems have benefited. We’re hardly ever sick these days and my body is now able to fight off the bugs and viruses that make their rounds *everyone, touch wood, let’s not jinx this*

Remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, eating clean has been a little like swallowing the red pill. And there’s no turning back. We started out reading up on what we could do to strengthen the body in the fight against acoustic neuroma. The more we read, the more we’re convinced that we are what we eat. And that we can help our bodies protect itself and boost our natural defences.

I shudder when I now see that 90% of what is sold in the supermarket is more a notion of food, than a wholesome source of nutrition to our bodies. I am now one of those people who obsessively scrutinize the labels and ingredients on the back of boxes. These days, I want to know where my food is coming from. You will also find me baking up a storm in the middle of the night simply because I had a sudden craving for cookies, and nothing off a supermarket shelf would now do.

Yes, choosing to eat healthy takes more effort than just walking into MacDonald’s and ordering a Big Mac. But it isn’t complicated. Neither does it mean your food has to taste like cardboard. This page contains yummy recipes I’ve tried and tested in this past year, and are now favorites in this house. I invite you to give them a try.

Eat well, stay well 🙂



2 thoughts on “Clean Eating”

  1. I totally hear you! I call it “going down the rabbit hole” and also felt that way when I started learning about health and how most of what we have learned and are eating are “food like substances” and not real food! I If you haven’t seen it yet – Food Matters has some great videos on cancer management via healthy options.

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