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For some things, you drop everything else

Two weekends ago, The Hubs and I woke up bright and early, embraced our inner geeks and made our way to the Singapore Games, Toys and Comics Convention.  This has become something of an annual tradition for the nephews.  And I think it's kinda nice.

This year's toy con was much better than last year's.  They managed to bring back the energy and the crowds, and there was something for everyone.  But for me, I wasn't there so much for the toys but that I wanted to spend some time with the kids.

                        . the usual snapshots .

                   . the older kid at the graffitti wall .


                    . the hubs and his zombie homer simpson .

I especially cherished this year because the older nephew has just entered his teenage years.  And I'm mindful that next year, the teenager in him might not find it so cool hanging out with us.  So this year, I was grateful that he was still excited we were going together, that we could still make easy conversation about toys and school and stuff, and that he wasn't embarassed to have us tailing behind when he bumped into his friends. 

Kids grow up so quickly.  I've never believed in quality time.  I think for every relationship that matters, you need to invest the time and effort.  Quantity counts for something.  And being there to build memories counts.  And I love that The Hubs and the bro-in-law constantly try to make time for the kids.  These uncles rock.  And I'm hoping next year's toy con will still be a blast.