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Street Photography

Here are some of my favorite snaps from our trip to Penang last month.  All photos were taken by The Hubs.

While I tend to take shots of what I eat (almost all the time!), and random things that catch my fancy, The Hubs likes to capture everyday moments through his lens.  I’m impatient and frame my shots on the fly.  If the sun is in my eye, I take a couple of shots blind and then try to figure them out later.  He, on the other hand, has a quick eye for detail and is willing to wait for a shot.  He’s also the one you’ll find sprawled on the ground in the most awkward of positions, just trying to get the right angle.

We drive each other nuts.  When The Hubs helps to download my photos, you’ll often hear him yell, “why do you have 10 shots of the exact same thing??!”  And when he’s out trying to frame a shot, you’ll hear me grumble and whine, “why is it taking soooo long???”

Yet, we love grabbing our cameras and heading out for walks together.  Simply because when we put our shots together, we get a wonderful series of photos.  These shots you see above? I would never have taken them.  And those delicious shots of street food?  He wouldn’t have bothered.

Our different perspectives and styles complement each other, and we’re better as a team than we are alone.  This year, life dealt us with a couple of bumps in the road.  And we had another scare last week.  Friends often ask why we’re still so cheery.  I guess we just decided it would be a lot easier to count our blessings. Plus I know that as a team, we’ll make it.