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Wanna meet for lunch?

This was one of the oddest text messages I’ve gotten from The Hubs.  Lunching together on a working day is something we’ve never done.  I suppose a big part has to do with the fact that he’s always worked in god-forsaken industrial zones. Until now.  

Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place was a great choice.  The decor is hip and fun – tables and chairs are made of recycled materials like pipes and old bicycle seats, and there’s a mural of godzilla on the wall.   We shared the truffle mushroom pizza which came covered with chunky pieces of mushrooms, truffle, onions and fresh arugula.  Skinny pizza really lives up to its name.  The crust was incredibly thin and crispy.  Actually, it was more cracker than pizza crust.    I loved everything about it except for the arugula.  Our side of truffle fries was also pretty good.  If you’re small eaters like us, my advice is to share a pizza and a side.  That would leave you space for dessert!  The dessert menu comes in the form of a food mag with gorgeous pictures that make everything look sooooo good.  We opted for the dark chocolate tart – bittersweet and decadent – it was the perfect ending to the meal.

I think The Hubs and I should do lunch more often 🙂