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This is what people with no kids get up to

I like robots. It’s an extension of my closet geek.  The same one that goes dizzy with joy when there is a new gadget in the house.

Some weeks back, we got busy with a DIY robot the brother-in-law brought back from Hong Kong.  Actually, The Hubs got busy and I just bossed him around while reading Cosmo on my iPad.  Hee. 

Anyhoo, introducing … Awesom-O.  He’s from one of our favourite South Park episodes where Cartman plays a prank by dressing up as a robot named "The A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000".

Our Awesom-O is much cuter than the Cartman version and whizzes around at breakneck speed on those tiny, cute green wheels of his.  Right now, he does nothing much except bang into things.  We just need to get round to building one that does the laundry and washes the toilets.  And maybe fix me a nice cup of tea.

.  Our Version .

This is what the original looks like.  Photo courtesy of southparkstudios.com