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Eating my words

I thought I’ll never see the day that I find myself buying a pair of Crocs.  And no, it wasn’t at gunpoint.  Crocs are the ugliest shoes on the planet.  And I mean this from the bottom of my shoe-loving-fanatic heart.  I can understand that some people like their shoes comfortable.  But in my humble opinion, there are at least a hundred pairs of comfortable shoes in the market that don’t make you look like Ronald Macdonald or that you’re auditioning for clown school.  Crocs are only cute when you’re a kid.  But then again, kids look cute even if you make them wear watermelons on their feet.  

It took me forever to fork out $45 for fugly shoes.  I picked them up, sighed, put them down and walked away only to walk back to pick them up again.  I did this at least 4 times.  In the end, I gave in. 

I walk to work everyday now and with the rainy season, I’ve had to slosh around in wet shoes all day.  What I really needed was a pair of shoes that would allow me to walk to work in the rain, splash right into the puddles and still dry out nicely.  I suppose I could walk to work in slippers on rainy days and then change shoes but then, flip flops are so .. sloppy.  I contemplated one those pretty plastic ballet flats from Steve Madden but I wasn’t sure if the soles would be slippery in the rain. 

And so, here are the nicest looking pair of Crocs I could find.  It also helps that they were on sale.  

Sigh …