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Lunch for one

. Vege pasta with leftover steak and mushrooms .

I am constantly surprised by how much my eating habits have changed over the past one year.  After a bad bout of gastric last month which turned into a false alarm for gallstones, I’ve consciously avoided overloading my system.  This means oily meals at hawker centers are out and I’m now friends with the staff at a particular Cedele branch.  Meals are generally kept small but frequent these days.  I stop even when I know there is still plenty of room left and eat again a couple of hours later.  The stomach welcomes this but I seem to be hungry all the time.

Today I worked from home because of a cough that sounds worse than it actually is.  And surprised myself by cooking lunch.  Cooking for one sucks.  It always feels like too much effort just to feed one person.  But these days, I crave home cooked food.  I love being able to control the amount of salt and oil that goes into my food.  I feel safe knowing that I won’t feel sick or nauseous after the meal.  And just like a little lab mouse that has been slowly conditioned, my brain has now been re-wired to think that it makes so much sense to cook, even for just one person.


Now I’m just waiting for the “I only want to eat steamed vegetables” programme to kick in.