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Walk down memory lane

After playing with a 3-week old kitten last weekend, I had an urge to dig up old photos of our cats.  And realised I had forgotten how small they once were.  When we brought them home from the SPCA, they were only 2 months old and so very scrawny and sad looking.  I could easily cradle one in each hand.

Flyb@ll was the only male kitten of the litter of four and I found him at the SPCA sprawled happily on his back as his sisters piled on top of him playfully.  I picked him because he was such a goofy goober.  As a kitten, he was just happy and easy-going with ears that seemed too big for his head, and there wasn’t a  whiff of the usual dignity you find in cats.

. Flyb@ll circa 2006 . 

These days he’s still as goofy.  And just as undignified.  In this past month alone, he has gone crashing head first into our dryer door at least twice.  And I cannot count the number of times I’ve found him stuck in a paper bag or falling into things.  I often think he’s a dog trapped in a cat’s body.  Cats are cool and sophisticated.  Flyb@ll is a kancheong spider who sniffs at everything with a wet nose and needs attention all day long.  And did I mention the howling?  Yup, my cat howls.  He HOWLS when he wants to play.  He HOWLS when he’s upset.  He HOWLS when he’s bored.  He HOWLS whenever he pretty damn much feels like it.  If it wasn’t because I love the silly fella to bits, I would have asked SPCA for a refund for defective goods.

. Pretending to be a cat .
Moof@ was an accident.  By the time we got round to deciding that we were ready to adopt the cats, the one we had picked out had already been adopted by someone else. I guess we could have just gone with Flyb@ll but we didn’t have the heart to break up the siblings.  So 2 cats it was.  By gawd, Moof@ was a whiny little thing.  It was constant mewing all the time and to be honest, I was worried when I brought her home because she seemed so needy.  Turned out that all she wanted was a home.  Once we brought her back, all whining stopped and she’s turned out to be one of the smartest cats I’ve ever met.

. Kitten Moof@ with her favourite ping pong ball .
There’s no question who’s the top cat in the house.  She may be small and soft and furry but she calls the shots.  Flyb@ll gives in to her all the time.  Doesn’t matter if it’s his favourite toy or food – if she wants it, he lets her have it.  I call her The Princess, and it’s clear she expects nothing less than the royal treatment.  This cat doesn’t come to you to be petted.  She remains where she is, and demands that YOU walk over.  I’m ashamed to admit that I give in all the time because she is just so darn cute.
. Queen of the House . 

I know our furry ingrates are just cats.  But once you’ve had a cat worm her way into your heart, I’m telling you there’s no turning back.