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Running makes my ears hurt

Unlike The Hubs who somehow finds the discipline to go for his regular runs, I need motivation.  Let’s face it, after a day at the office, housework and feeding the cats, the last thing I want to do is to put on my running shoes.  Even if all I ever do is brisk walk.  So I find all sorts of things to push my ass out of the door.  Cute shoes, guilt over the char kway teow I had for lunch, cute running top, cute socks and today, a new iphone app. 

Runkeeper is a free app that you can use to track the distance, pace and calories burned using GPS.  It even maps out the route you take!  OK, so it’s not very useful for a casual runner brisk walker like myself, but  for those who are determined to improve, this app certainly provides good benchmarking of your workout sessions.  Plus it’s so cool!

When it comes to keeping a regular exercise routine, sometimes all you need is a friend 🙂