Perth : Morning by the water

One of my favourite bits of our Perth trip were the mornings. Our days would start just before dawn as we pull on our beanies and jackets and slip out into the cold, dark air. The Dad would head off to a quiet spot for his morning tai chi practice, and The Mum, in her words, would go off to stretch out her old muscles. We follow for a bit and wait patiently for this.

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We watch as the orange rays of the rising sun illuminate the horizon, and cast a beautiful golden hue on our surroundings. I love this hour. It’s peaceful and it feels like you have the world to yourself.

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We then take a walk around the beautiful Swan river with The Mum who tells of juicy gossip and funny stories like about how my dad tried to teach her wing chun and tai chi a few weeks earlier. And we head out for breakfast.

One of the great things about living in the East Perth area are the number of cafes that are just perfect for starting the day right. Most open early at 7am which is great for hungry early birds like us. Toast, a popular cafe with the locals, is located in the picturesque Claisebrook Cove. This means you get breakfast with a gorgeous river view.

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Toast is one of those cafes with a wonderful laid-back, relaxed vibe that immediately draws in you. I heard that it gets very busy on the weekends but thankfully on the weekday morning that we were there, we had no problems getting a table. Staff was friendly and cheery, and service was prompt.

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Toast has an amazing menu. At a glance, there were at least 10 different types of toast including gluten-free toast. They also serve the usual breakfast eggs done just the way you like them and brunch favorites like Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine. There are specials like feta pancakes with smoked salmon, sour cream and chives and crepes (both sweet and savory) and …. and … even more daily specials on the board. We were spoilt for choice! I tossed my wheat-free diet out of the window (love vacations!), and tried their corn fritters with bacon and maple syrup. It was sinfully good!

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The parents shared a toast and scrambled eggs, and The Mum who was feeling rather adventurous also picked a sardine on sourdough to try. I’m not much of a sardine fan but since I was dining with the mother who insists on feeding this skinny kid of hers, I had a bite. And I must say it was pretty good.

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The Hubs was very pleased his order of an open rye sandwich with smoked salmon, tomato salsa, avocado, capers and a poached egg.

Perth 20132It’s easy to see why Toast is popular. With such an extensive menu, they have something for everyone.  To top it off, they serve great coffee.


No wonder by the time we were done, The Hubs was already studying the specials board and planning what to order the next time we swing by!


Toast is located on the Claisebrooke Cove in the East Perth re-development.
Right next door to the Royal Hotel

By the water, Shop 21, 60 Royal Street, East Perth


3 thoughts on “Perth : Morning by the water”

  1. Nothing better like a morning view like that and ending it off with a yummy ‘sinful’ breakfast..hehehe
    Great shots and thanks for sharing. 😀

    1. Hehe .. the sinful breakfast was certainly worth waking up for 😀 Living in a crowded city, I hardly get to enjoy a quiet, beautiful sunrise. Guess that’s what vacations are for! 😛

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