Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

There is a lush green path that winds through our island. Hidden away behind residential estates and running over a length of 25km is the Green Corridor. This is what’s left of the former railway land that used to link Malaysia and Singapore, and is now home to a wonderful ecosystem of flora and fauna. No wonder there is a ground-up campaign by nature lovers to preserve this sanctuary. The Hubs stumbled upon it while looking for a place to go trail running, and it seemed like a nice place to take a morning stroll one Sunday.

The best thing about the Green Corridor is how serene and peaceful it is. The busyness of Singapore melts away and you find yourself alone with the sounds of chirping birds, the sight of butterflies and dragonflies flirting among the bushes and fresh air. There’s hardly anyone in sight except for the occasional fellow jogger or cyclist.

Our morning stroll turned into a 2-hour walk and we only managed to cover part of the trail. Besides the lush greenery, our route also took us down to the old Bukit Timah Railway Station which was a crossing loop station in the 1940s until it’s closure in 2011. I walked along the disused track, and wondered how many Singaporeans even knew of the existence of this tiny railway station tucked away behind Bukit Timah or its significance. I didn’t. Not until its closure last year. Our walk down the Green Corridor certainly offered some history lessons.

As we continued further down the track, we started to hear the sounds of traffic (and civilization) and soon found ourselves on the black truss bridge right above Dunearn Road.

We ended off our walk at Dunearn Road but will be back to explore a different part of the corridor soon.

I’m not a big nature lover nor does the railway hold special significance for me. I can also see how tempting it would be to use the land from the Green Corridor to build more houses, condominiums or shopping malls. Especially in Singapore where land is scarce. But it is precisely because we are so tight on space that something like the Green Corridor becomes even more precious and should be preserved. There is nothing quite like it in Singapore – a long swathe of nature – untouched by urbanization. Perfect for that long hike or run. Perfect for letting the kids off on their bikes. Perfect for escaping from the madding crowd. And there is no dollar value you can put on that. Visit http://www.thegreencorridor.org if you want to show your support.

Some tips if you’re planning to visit:

  • Bring water, hat and sunscreen because it can get quite hot
  • Maps are available on the website so plan your route. You may have to break it up into several parts as it is a long hike.
  • And trust me, don’t wear your favourite pair of shoes because some parts of the trail are quite muddy. Have fun!



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green”

  1. I think life without green in it would, indeed, be very bleak! Even ‘tho I like rugged deserts and mountains, the green is like a breath of fresh air; in fact, it is our air and lungs! I like the pic of you with the camera around your neck. Lovely post!

  2. What a lovely post! The green corridor is life-giving, and your post is both respectful and beautiful. We have something related here in Northampton, MA — it’s a bike (and hike and walking trail) that’s more urban than yours, but still fringed with the leafy greens, and even includes an old railway bridge a lot like yours that goes over the Connecticut River and continues on the eastern shore.
    I haven’t walked it yet, like you, I’m not much of an outdoor person really, but even I can appreciate its significance and importance.
    (And I love your until-recently pink shoes!)

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