Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day.  Not so much because I like it there but we’ve found that it’s just the way it is if you want to eat healthy.  When you cook the meals yourself, it’s a whole lot easier cutting down on the refined sugars, flour and processed stuff.

As I’m cooking dinner, prepping the next day’s breakfast or packing lunch, the cats make it their business to “help”.  And I spend a lot of time muttering under my breath as I try not to trip over them or give in to Flyball’s incessant (and very loud) demands for more organic baby spinach leaves.

But there are moments every day when they turn on the charm, proving once again, why I am the slave and they run the house.

Taken today while I was prepping a potato salad:

Flyball with his toy snake

Moofa playing hide and seek in a paper bag


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life”

  1. Ahihihi … So cute and cuddly. I’ve seen so many of these cat pictures in the most unlikely, subtle and amusing moments. Yours will obviously a memorable one for me.

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