Instagram Monday


Simple joys in life.

We’ve been getting some works done in the house, and this means dust, mess and all our furniture piled up in the living room. After 2 weeks of sleeping on the floor, I was over the moon when I finally got my bedroom back.


5 thoughts on “Instagram Monday”

  1. Glad the dust is settling. I find construction/reno unsettles me and befuddles me. We had work inside done this summer and a new roof put on which created more work inside because they popped nails in the ceiling. Now the painter is coming. We are going to run away while he is here. Couldn’t sleep so I am catching up with you. I missed you.

    1. Aw I missed you too especially your barn shots. But we all need a break from blogging – it was beginning to wear me down a little and with all going on day to day, it felt good just to step away for a while 🙂 Couldn’t agree more on the renovations. For us it all started with trying to fix one door and then it just snowballed. Hope the dust will settle for you soon too 🙂

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