Penang : Street Art

Mirrors Georgetown was what attracted us to visit Penang last weekend. A street art project created by young international artist Ernest Zacharevic, the project consists of 6 wall murals placed within the core heritage zone of Georgetown.

I loved that the artist picked weathered buildings as canvases for his works. These walls with their peeling paint and exposed bricks added incredible character and depth to his whimsical and delightful murals. The clever use of objects as part of the art piece also brought the paintings alive.

@ Armenian Street

@ Ah Quee Street

@ Chew Jetty

@ Muntri Street

@ Armenian Street

@ Cannon Street


13 thoughts on “Penang : Street Art”

    1. I love the little boy standing on the chair too! When I first saw the little girl, I thought how adorable. But when I took a closer look, I thought she looked a little scary. It was the eyes I think. Plus I watch way too many zombie and scary movies! 😀

  1. Wonderful creativity. I like each of these pictures a lot. You took that first picture so beautifully. Thanks a lot for sharing this art form with us.

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