Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Since the rules of the challenge says that all photos must be taken on the day of reading the challenge, I thought it would be fun to document my entire day.  This is what my Saturday looked like:

9am – Raffles City

We head into town to run some errands and grab breakfast at one of our favourite brekkie spots – Food for Thought at Queen’s Street. This cafe was founded by a couple of young people with a passion for the underprivileged.  One of the first causes they’re supporting through the setting up of this restaurant is to raise funds clean water for third world countries.  Good food, good cause.  What’s not to like? 🙂


Love the architecture of the Raffles Hotel















A great reminder not to take clean water for granted







Here’s what I chose for my breakfast combi – fresh tomato salad, garlic mushrooms and scrambled eggs in cream.

Noon – Goodwood Park Hotel

We swing by to pick up the father-in-law from his dialysis session and drive the in-laws back into town to meet up with the sis-in-law and kids for some dim sum at Min Jiang.  Food was average but the company was great.  Here’s what you get when you dine with kids, “hey, did you know that iScream comes only in apple flavor” 🙂 Gah, kids grow up so fast!  I dread the day the teen hormones  rear their ugly head and the nephews decide they no longer want to do family lunch.  But till then, we’re going to enjoy every bit of it.




Impeccable service.  A little chair for my bag 🙂







Longjing tea – story has it that this tea was granted the status of imperial tea during the Qing dynasty






Sichuan food.  Dim sum that was a little different from the usual Cantonese fare.



3pm – Back home

We head home to two very happy cats, and I grab a quick nap before we head out of the house again.



Moofa has a habit of forcing her way onto my lap for a snuggle when I get home.  Nothing gets her off except a shove.  And she usually scoots off with a grumble.

5pm – Sunset mass



I head out again for sunset mass with my family.  A comforting weekly routine of prayer and family time.

7pm – Bishan


And then it’s off to a neighborhood mall for a supermarket run.

9pm – Home


Home sweet home after a long day.  We catch up on housework.  And I finally find some time to blog this week.  I really need more hours in a day.






We end our day with cheese and crackers, and lots and lots of fruits.

Night all 🙂