Hokkaido : Around the Bay

The Hakodate Bay area is a wonderful place for an evening stroll and as night falls, the whole area is lit up with pretty twinkling lights. Great spot for a date with your sweetheart, me thinks. 🙂

One of the landmarks in the area are the Kanemori red brick warehouses. Built in 1887, they were originally used as sales warehouses but now house a number of restaurants and shops.

We took a nice leisurely stroll, shopped for local produce, tried to play with a bronze cat statue (I missed my kitties!) and had our second (and third!) scoop of Hokkaido ice cream for the day.

Hokkaido ice cream is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. No matter which ice cream shop you pop into or even if it’s just an ice cream stand by the road, you can be sure you’ll get the freshest and yummiest ice cream ever. Milk cones or gelato, they’re all smooth, velvety and oh so good. Plus you get lots of interesting flavors – asparagus, squid ink, sweet potato, cheese. And the seasonal favorites – lavender, sakura and melon, Here’s my advice for anyone planning a trip to Hokkaido. Eat ice cream. Lots of it. Every day!

We also stumbled upon what we now rank as one of the best sushi we’ve ever had.

At first glance, Kaiten Zushi Marukatsu Suisan looked like any conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Japan. But we took a glance at the queue of locals waiting to get in, and figured there had to be something more. Instead of picking from the conveyor belt, we ordered directly off the menu and these were prepared specially by the chef. The Hubs ordered a variety of raw sushi and his favourite was the chutoro (medium fatty tuna). It had the perfect balance of an otoro (pink fatty tuna) and tuna sashimi. I ordered my sushi with a variety of grilled fish and loved it! Each piece of fish was light seared on the outside with the insides still pink so you could taste the sweet tenderness of the fish.

And because the restaurant’s main business is seafood wholesale, we were able to eat to our heart’s content at very reasonable prices.

Itinerary (Day 3): Hakodate Morning Market — Matsumae Park — Hakodate Park — Red Brick Warehouses (Kanemori Warehouse)