Hokkaido : A different flavour

Remember when I said that I had fallen madly and hopelessly in love with cherry blossoms? I wasn’t kidding. After hours in Goryokaku and Matsumae, I made The Hubs drive to one more cherry blossom park in Hakodate.

Just one more. I promise.

Hakodate Park is located on the slopes of Hakodate-yama, and is pretty much a park nestled in a residential area, with a small zoo, children amusement area and fountain. Although not as impressive as Goryokaku and Matsumae, it was a nice spot to spend a couple of hours. It had a different charm with cherry blossom trees set against the backdrop of the mountains and a good view of the town. The mood was laid back and relaxed, with mothers walking with their children after school, friends chatting on park benches and people on their evening jogs.

One of the things I loved was the local food fair – a common feature in most of the cherry blossom parks we visited.

The stalls sold yummy local snacks like yakitori (grilled meat), takoyaki (octopus balls) and crepes. They gave the parks a very festive mood and were great when we needed a snack after all that walking.

As we left Hakodate Park, I bade farewell to the cherry blossoms. We didn’t get to see any more cherry blossoms during the rest of our trip as the trees had all started to turn green as we drove up north. Our 2 days of cherry blossom viewing in Hakodate was an incredibly beautiful experience. One I hope I’ll get a chance to experience again some day.

* No map code available but we used the telephone number for the GPS (Tel: 0138 22 7255)

Itinerary (Day 2): Hakodate Morning Market — Matsumae Park — Hakodate Park — Red Brick Warehouses (Kanemori Warehouse)