A view and more

Our first stop as we headed out from Chitose was Cape Chikyu – voted one of Hokkaido’s Top 100 nature spots.  “Chikyu” means Earth in Japanese, and it’s been said that from here, you can see the curve of the earth on the horizon.  On a clear day, Cape Chikyu boasts of a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

The scenery from Cape Chikyu was great but what really took my breath away was this:

The best tamagoyaki I’ve ever had! Tamagoyaki is basically a Japanese sweet egg omelette that’s made in a special rectangular pan by patiently rolling together layers of cooked egg.

I had spied some stalls just beside the carpark as we made our way down from the very windy observation deck.  Always greedy game for a snack, I happily plonked myself down at a rickety wooden table beside a huge stuffed teddy bear and ordered a tamagoyaki while The Hubs picked out some grilled shellfish.

The obasan took her time preparing my tamagoyaki.  We could hear her furiously beating the eggs, and then silence before she cheerfully popped out of her stall a good ten minutes later.  It was well worth the wait.  The moist, slightly sweet egg omelette was absolutely delicious.  Unlike the pale yellow tamagoyaki usually served in restaurants,  this one was made with each layer slightly browned, adding to the flavor of the omelette.  Biting into the tamago, it had the warm goodness of a home cooked dish.  The humble tamagoyaki set the stage for the rest of our trip in Hokkaido.  We went to bed every night with our bellies filled with meals cooked with the freshest ingredients, and more importantly heart.

Mapcode: 159 195 015

Itinerary (Day 2): Chitose — Cape Chikyu — Hakodate

14 thoughts on “A view and more”

  1. Wonderful post and pictures. I learned something new today. Never of tamsgoyaki eggs and they look good enough to eat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love that picture at the top. And I think Cara would be very happy with some Tamagoyaki. That looks incredibly delicious! To my untrained eye, at first I thought it might be a grilled-cheese. LOL.

    ~ Cara

    1. You’re right! It does look like grilled cheese. Another of my favourites. Most tamagoyaki look more delicate and pale but I guess this Japanese grandma had other ideas! 🙂

  3. So jealous! Tamagoyaki is one of my favorites in a sushi place, although it’s rarely as good as it should be. But it’s always pale yellow. So I was startled by your well-browned one. But after hearing your description of the obasan and how she prepared it, and how it tasted, well — I come back to how I started. I’m jealous!
    Happy you had such a wonderful time, though 😉

    1. Thanks! I have a feeling the obasan was mighty proud of her tamagoyaki! When she came out, she was happily waving it around. I watched a Japanese cooking show last week and the chef was demonstrating how the tamago layers should be rolled together. Gosh, the amount of patience that go into the making of these things! No wonder she was so happy she got it right 🙂

  4. I love those kinds of omelette. Same thing in Spain where they prepare well and time consuming. Definately better than Subway’s. Hehe. 😀 That meat on the grill looks so inviting and interesting.How I wish I get to your side of the globe.

    1. I think I may have seen those spanish omelettes on TV, and they looked really yummy. Haha we really should exchange sides one day. Your photos are always so gorgeous, and interesting.

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