Eat Well : Sweetness

In trying to eat well, junk food was the first out of the door.  This meant bye-bye to the finger lickin saltiness of a pack of chips.  And then we said bye-bye to white flour and refined sugar.  Which meant “I’ll miss you Pepperidge Farm and Famous Amos.” *SOBS*

It worked out fine for a couple of weeks but after a while, snacking on nuts and dried fruits was getting boring.  It kinda took the fun out of movie nights.  And I was beginning to feel like a squirrel.

I trawled the aisles of our supermarket and found organic popcorn.  On regular days, I’m not particularly crazy about popcorn.  It’s always over priced at the cinemas and the quality is inconsistent.  But since I didn’t really have a better idea, I decide to try making our own popcorn at home.

I googled a couple of recipes and tentatively threw a handful of popcorn kennels into a pot.  I waited with bated breath and heard my first *pop*.  And then I watched in delight as the rest of the kennels started popping and jumping around in the pot.  Erm, I may have been a little too enthralled by the popping corn because I forgot to keep shaking the pot and burnt the bottom layer.  Oh well, we salvaged the rest and tossed it with organic peanut butter and raw honey and it was soooo good!  I can’t wait to experiment with other flavors.  Movie nights are never going to be boring again.

Before I go off … What did baby corn say to mama corn?




Where’s pop corn? 🙂