Eat Well : As easy as ABC

These days, my kitchen often looks like a horrible crime scene, with blood red splotches splattered all over the spotless white counter (and sometimes even the walls!).  But it’s all for a good cause.  I’ve been messing around with beetroots – a vegetable I’ve never laid eyes or hands on in the past 30 odd years of  my life.  Ah, but I’ve been told that this humble vegetable is a “superfood”.  Beet juice is best known as a blood purifier and blood builder that helps in the creation of red blood cells.  And it’s also been proven to break up cancers and tumors.  Mix it up with carrots and apples, you get a yummy concoction that’s also good for you.

Well, except for the fact that beets are messy to handle, making a glass of power-packed Apple-Beetroot-Carrot juice is a piece of cake.  Three ingredients, one step, and the mess washes off  easily.  It’s really as easy as ABC 🙂

You will need

(makes 1 tall glass)

  • 1 large organic beetroot
  • 2 large organic carrots
  • 1 unwaxed organic red apple


Cut into small pieces and juice away! 


16 thoughts on “Eat Well : As easy as ABC”

    1. My mother in law was just telling me it’s delicious when eaten as part of a salad. I will have to give it a try some time. Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

      1. Oh, it is absolutely delicious as a salad. You grate it, sprinkle a little bit of vinegar on it and some sugar. Devine! 🙂

      2. And that must be Divine! LOL!
        See what happens when I think of food? I can’t spell. hehehehe

  1. Now that’s really weird because me and hubby were talking about beet juice just a couple of days ago. They showed some scientific experiment on TV recently where a man wanted to improve his physical performance in some sport by natural means. The scientist gave him beet juice and he improved his performance by something like 20%. I’m off to purchase a nice organic beetroot tomorrow! Excellent post. 🙂

    1. Haha try it! 🙂 I had never tried beetroot until this month. I even had to google an image of it while standing in the supermarket cos I didn’t know what it looked like. With carrots and apples, it makes a wonderfully sweet juice.

    1. Ah! That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing. My hands are usually stained after handling them. Right now, all I’ve tried is simply juicing them but it sounds like there are many other ways of eating beets. Roasted beets sounds yummy – I’m going to have to give it a try 🙂

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