Pushing the limit … just a little

I’ve mentioned before that our grey tabby hates to be photographed.  She stalks off in a huff the minute she sees the camera, and throws me dirty looks.

A couple of afternoons ago, kitty was lounging on top of the fridge, looking mighty pleased with herself and in a really good mood.  So I pulled out my camera, and tried a couple of shots.  Just to see how far I could go.

Just a curious glance – no dirty looks.  Yet.

She’s in a really good mood, and asking to be petted

Still doing good as she stretches out and purrs

Then after about 10 minutes, she starts to find me a bother

And we end up with a scowling, thoroughly pissed off cat

 Oh well, for what it’s worth, I thought we managed to get a couple of good shots in 🙂


29 thoughts on “Pushing the limit … just a little”

    1. You’re right – her purring does give her away. There are days when she looks like she really can’t be bothered with us humans, but once I pick her up, she’s happily purring away 🙂

  1. I could post porno shots of some of ‘Chicky Monster’s (my yellow cat) lewd positions. Cat’s can take on any shape it seems. Your kitty, reminds me of my beloved “Stray”. I did a tribute post on him in January or February under ‘regret’. Anyway, these are cute photos. I love the second shot day showing off those beautiful green eyes. 😉

    1. LOL, I agree that some of their poses do look a little lewd! I went back to read your post on Stray and it broke my heart. Those last few minutes with Stray must have been heart wrenching for you. But there’s some light in this – you gave Stray a home, some happy years and lots of love. And he had someone who loved him dearly when he passed on. Btw, I loved that shot of Stray with your grandson 🙂

      1. Stray has been dead for about 6 years now, and I still grieve over him. While I love all animals, seldom have I ever allowed myself to get so emotionally attached to a cat as I did Stray. He was like a soul-mate from the moment he entered my life. Anyway, I still sometimes have to hold back the tears when I think of him. But, you are right, Stray had a great life when he was a part of my life, and he was very much loved. All animals should be loved … at least a little. Thanks for taking the time to check him out. 🙂

  2. Oh, these are marvelous!! Gosh, she’s pretty . . . Though I must admit those claws frightened me a bit in the photo you purport she is “in a really good mood”. LOL.

    I love that our animals have personalities and moods and mannerisms. They are so much like people, I’ve found. Thank your sharing her with us; hopefully she’ll tolerate a bit more sometime.


    1. Thanks Cara! 🙂 I agree those claws do look a little frightening but this is what she does when she’s happy and purring – she kneads the air. When she’s on my lap and happily kneading into my leg, that’s when it hurts 🙂 I never knew animals had so much personality until I started having pets, and it’s really all quite interesting.

      1. Agreed! They are quite individualistic creatures. I have seen that before — the kneading — and can remember such a amicable gesture from when I was a cat owner way back when.
        My Bella makes these snorts when I pick her up; special noises just for me. Her eyes also get very heavy-lidded when I ‘m speaking in a soothing voice. Lol. Too cute our animals are 🙂

  3. That’s a pretty cheap move posting cute pictures of a cat… but totally effective in every way.

    I want to touch that thing’s face so much.

    1. Thanks Janina! 🙂 I love taking photos of the cats too but they turn sulky the minute the camera comes out. But I’m definitely going to try again the next time they’re in a good mood. Wish me luck!

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