Oooh, cupcakes!

While shopping at Horizon Plaza, we chanced upon Sift Patisserie and their delectable array of freshly baked cupcakes.  The swirls of frosting, and the promise of soft, crumbly cake was too good to pass up.  And then there was the inevitable decision of which one to choose.  Each looked so incredibly good.  Ah … the difficult decisions in life.

In the end, we picked 3 to try:

. Valrhona dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate buttercream .

Ask me to pick a dessert, and I will always always head for the chocolate first.  In this case, even though I had narrowed it down to chocolate, I was still in a dilemma.  There was a choice of Chocolate Banana, Luscious Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch and Salty Caramel Chocolate.  I went with Luscious Chocolate.  There’s something about that word.  Luscious.  Brings to mind silky ribbons of velvety rich chocolate.   The dark chocolate buttercream was a little too sweet for us, but paired with the moist chocolate cake, it was still one of the best chocolate cupcakes I’ve tasted.

. Chocolate chip studded peanut butter cake, peanut butter frosting .

While I am the chocolate person in the house, The Hubs is the peanut butter man.  He loves his spoonfuls of peanut butter and Reeses.  The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cupcake was sinfully rich, and worth every single calorie.

. Vanilla scented lemon zest cake, lemon vanilla buttercream .

The Lemon cupcake was our last choice because we wanted something refreshing to wash down the rich chocolate and peanut butter flavors.  This surprisingly turned out to be our favourite.  The cake was moist with a light lemon flavor, and the citrus frosting was divine.

Sift serves a wide variety of desserts including pastries and macaroons, which we didn’t get a chance to try.  We will definitely be making our way down to Sift the next time we’re in Hong Kong.

Where to go:

  • Sift Dessert Bar – G/F, 46 Graham Street, Central
  • Sift Patisserie – 22/F Horizon Plaza, Unit 17-19, Ap Lei Chau
  • Sift Patisserie – G/F, Dominion Center, 49-53 Queens Rd East, Wanchai
  • Sift Patisserie – Shop 240 – 241, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central

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