The day I almost complained about “too much shopping”

Here’s a confession if you don’t already know. I am a shopaholic.  And nothing makes me happier than whizzing through stores trying on shoes, picking out dresses – oohing and aahing over the prettiest of things.  It isn’t so much the buying of things than the entire experience of hunting down a good buy that gives me a high.  Ask me to go for a run, and I tire after a couple of rounds.  Put me in a shopping mall, and I am like a little Energiser bunny – I can go on for hours.

During our recent trip, we made a stop at one of Hong Kong’s best known outlet malls – Horizon Plaza.  This place is usually frequented by the locals and only a handful of tourists because it is tucked away in an industrial area in Ap Lei Chau.  Unlike the sprawling outlet malls you find in the US and Japan, Horizon Plaza is a dusty, nondescript office building.  BUT walk right in, and you will find 28 floors of glorious shopping!  This is a fashionista’s paradise and you will find everything from your Jimmy Choos, Armani, Lanvin, Max Mara and Aldo to designer lifestyle furniture – all at marked down outlet prices!  Woohoo!

The best way to navigate the stores in Horizon Plaza is to pick up a brochure from the lobby upon arrival.  It provides useful information on the shops on each floor as well as the schedule for the free shuttle bus service to the Ap Lei Chau bus terminal.  Then take the lift to the 28th floor, and make your way down using the stairs.

I suppose we could have simply picked out the stores we wanted, but nooooo, I had to check out every store on every single floor in the building. By the time we hit the 15th floor, my back was aching, and I was getting dizzy from all the stair climbing. But we kept on going, and by the time we were done almost 4 hours later, I was ready to crawl into bed because I was soooo exhausted.  But still, it was good fun.  Prices were pretty good, and we picked up a couple of really good buys.  Highly recommended.

How to get there:

  • Take the MTR to Central station.
  • Cut through IFC Mall to the bus terminal located under Exchange Square and take bus 90.  This will take you to the Ap Lei Chau Estate bus terminus.  It’s about a 30-minute bus ride.
  • Wait for the free shuttle service to Horizon Plaza. There are buses running every ten minutes except from 11am – 12pm (lunch break).  There’s no signage for the free shuttle service so you just have to wait at the green bus shelter (it’s the only one with no bus number and it’s where the school buses drop off the kids).  Here’s a photo 🙂

  • Shops are generally opened from 10am to 7pm.
  • On your way back, wait for the shuttle bus at the G/F car park near the exit driveway. It takes you back to the Ap Lei Chau Estate bus terminal.  And if you want, you can take a 5-minute walk to the Space outlet which stocks Prada and Miu Miu.  You can’t miss the huge Prada store sign.

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12 thoughts on “The day I almost complained about “too much shopping””

  1. LOL, I am probably the only woman on Earth that hates to shop. I wait until the after season clearance sales and arrive armed with a list of stuff I ‘need’. But, I’m glad you had fun in the stores. To each their own. 🙂

    1. Send me into a store with a list and I come out with everything but the items on the list! 😀 I am only thankful that the husband is one of those rare men who doesn’t mind shopping! 🙂

  2. There’s the slogan, Shop until you drop —
    But that would have no meaning for you, because you’d never drop!
    I was exhausted just reading your account, but I can believe you had tons of fun!

    1. This one really called for some stamina. 28 floors sounded glorious to me when I arrived. I recharged with cupcakes after 5 floors. And after 10 floors, I almost surrendered! 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for all these information. It’s really helpful. Just a few qns,
    Do you think it’s difficult to take the public bus from central if I don’t speak Cantonese?
    Also, does horizon plaza sell branded bags such as balenciaga, ysl, Tods which I’ve read somewhere?

    Appreciate your help in any way, thanks!

    1. Hi Joy, taking the bus shouldn’t be too much of an issue as you get off at the Ap Lei Chau bus terminal. If you can’t find the free shuttle bus to Horizon Plaza, there are lots of cabs at the bus terminal – think it’s a 5-min ride. I didn’t see too many Tods, ysl bags the last time I was there. There were a couple of pieces but the designs seemed a little dated. I hope this helps 🙂

  4. You kidding about the 15th floor, right!? Bwahahahaha. Exactly what my grub about my traveling partner. She would tire easily on anything else, but I question how she can shop and shop til she drop.

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