Shades of grey

Moofa, our grey tabby, HATES to be photographed.  She scoots off the minute the camera comes out or if she’s too lazy to move,  she just scowls into all the shots.  Fortunately, kitty still hasn’t quite figured out that the iPhone is a camera too.  Here are some shots we managed sneak in this weekend as she snuggled in her new basket. 


14 thoughts on “Shades of grey”

    1. LOL I often wonder what it is about cameras that they don’t like. Or maybe it’s just depends on the personality of the pet. Our other cat doesn’t seem to care even when I have a camera inches from his face! 🙂

  1. The clarity in every shot is outstanding … love them ..
    of course, it’s the subject matter that is making
    me – extra – love them. She is gorgeous. Her fur coloring is
    like a brown diamond. Cat lover that I am she
    makes me want to go and adopt one right now.
    My precious Maya passed on in May last year after
    20 years of my devotion to her. She owned me. She was a calico.
    I never photographed her. So sorry that I hadn’t. She was a quiet little sweetie.
    But – I digress – the pix are fabulous. Take lots –

    1. Hi Isadora, I’m so sorry to hear about Maya. I always believe cats choose who they want to own, and it sounds like Maya lived a wonderful life with you. Your time and memories together will be etched in your heart much deeper than any photograph would. Thanks for your kind words – I’ll be sure to pass them along to Moofa 🙂

  2. That is hilarious! I know there was a time when I was getting the same scowling from my girls – I spoiled myself last December with a new macro lens – it seems to do the trick! Not sure how getting in closer make it better – but the proof was in the eyes! Maybe the other lens had some distortion in it? Who knows! Now my poor girls are the subject of so many crazy pictures – sometimes more abstract, sometimes just playing!

    1. Now I’m tempted to try a macro lens! Trying to get a shot of her is a pain. Even new toys don’t work. She’d rather give up the toy and stalk off in a huff than to endure a photo. It’s quite funny 🙂

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