Hidden coffee haven

As far as coffee places go, this has to be one of the most tucked away ones we’ve visited. Located in a small row of quaint black and white shophouses in the Newton area, Papa Palheta is an independent coffee boutique that’s known for their specialty coffee beans.  The story behind their name is an interesting one:

In 1727 Brazil wanted to have a piece of the coffee empire, but had to find a way to smuggle some seeds from a coffee country. In disguise, Lieutenant Colonel Palheta was sent to settle a border dispute in France Guiana. This smooth talking Officer found the coffee fortress impregnable, so he found a road of least resistance. That road was none other than the Governor’s wife. His plan paid off. At a farewell dinner she presented him with a bouquet with hidden coffee seedlings. From those seeds sprang forth the largest coffee empire ever. By the 1800’s Brazil’s coffee was no longer a drink for the elite. Everyone was able to partake from this magical drink. Our history lesson has taught us that coffee was meant to be shared the world around.

What’s more interesting about this place is that this is not a cafe.  These guys roast and sell coffee beans, not coffee.  But because there is a tasting bar, the barista will serve coffee to allow customers to sample the beans available.  There’s no menu or price list available so you just need to let the barista know how you like your coffee.

This place is a wonderful spot to chill out.  As you enter into the charming open-air courtyard, you immediately feel like you’ve left the hustle and bustle of busy Singapore behind.  Coupled with a cup of coffee made from beans that are freshly roasted on-site,  it’s total bliss.

Address: 140 Bukit Timah Road (enter via Hooper Road which is just beside the Shell petrol station).  Closed on Mondays.

** While coffee is free, do leave them a tip as a token of appreciation for brewing a good cuppa.  A good gauge would be what you would pay for a cup of Starbucks or slightly more.  These guys may be passionate about coffee but they’re running a business too 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hidden coffee haven”

    1. We’ve been trying out indie type coffee places over the past few weeks instead of Starbucks and the experience and coffee have been great. However, nothing beats Starbucks in terms of convenience, especially when you really need that cup of coffee 🙂

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