Good spot for a cuppa

Orchard Road on a Sunday afternoon is crazy crowded this time of the year. Everyone seems to be out and about doing their Christmas shopping so good luck if you’re trying to find a spot for brunch.

We decided to try our luck at Oriole. We had walked past the cafe at least a dozen times before and had heard great reviews about the coffee. Here’s the funny thing I discovered about Oriole. Located in bustling 313, it is right smack in the middle of everything yet it feels tucked away. This makes it the perfect spot for tired feet.

Oriole serves Sunday brunch until 3pm with a good range of items to choose from. Not that it matters to me I guess since I love, love, love my Eggs Benedict and am incapable of ordering anything else 🙂 But I did manage to convince The Hubs to go for the Philly Steak and Cheese sandwich which I really wanted to try. The sandwich was good – packed with succulent pieces of beef strip loin, onions, peppers, swiss cheese, it made for a hearty, yummy meal. The eggs on the other hand were disappointing. They were undercooked and watery, and it didn’t help that the hollandaise sauce was thin with a bit too much lemon. All this led to muffins which were soft instead of golden crisp. Sigh … I would really have to order something else the next time I’m at Oriole.

Headed by award-winning baristas, coffee at Oriole did not disappoint. It was not the best we’ve tasted but still good. We tried the piccolo latte and cappuccino. We loved the piccolo latte which had less milk than a regular latte with a double shot of espresso (i think). The coffee was rich, smooth and totally packed a punch.

We would head back to Oriole again but perhaps just for coffee and dessert and a nice place to chill.


96 Somerset road, Pan Pacific services suites, #01-01, Singapore 238163


4 thoughts on “Good spot for a cuppa”

    1. Thanks! I love cappuccino too but that’s because of the pretty coffee art. If I have to choose based on taste alone, I usually go with a Mocha because there’s chocolate involved! 🙂

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