Leftover Food Series: Chicken Soup

. Chicken soup mee sua .

There is always leftover chicken soup in my fridge because The Mom is a typical mother who spends hours preparing huge pots of soup from scratch to nourish this very skinny kid of hers.

While I freeze most of it to be used later as soup stock, I’ve found that it’s useful to keep a bowl or 2 in the fridge for the rest of week .  All I have to do is throw in mee sua and an egg, and voila! – easy and nutritious dinner for one.

Mee sua or flour vermicelli is one of those very convenient things to have in the kitchen pantry because it cooks quickly in under 2 minutes.  The only thing I quite can’t figure out is how come there only seems to be one brand of mee sua in the supermarkets?


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