Scrambled or sunny side up?

While looking for a photo to use for this blog’s header, I found a series of shots we had taken of our Gary Baseman Qee Eggs about 2 years ago.  We had gotten our hands on these cute designer vinyls and couldn’t resist setting up a photo shoot at home.  We carted home an entire carton of eggs, and spent the next few hours goofing and having fun.  The only bit we didn’t think through properly was how we were going to finish up all those eggs.  The real ones, I mean.

I love this series of shots and thought I’ll share a couple of them here.  All were taken with a Panasonic LX-3, a bounce flash and a giant piece of white paper as a backdrop.


15 thoughts on “Scrambled or sunny side up?”

  1. this is hilarious!
    clever, and so well-photographed that the eggs themselves, in all their silliness, are front and centre. this gives the term, ‘egghead’ a whole new meaning.
    thanks for the smile! 😀

    1. Thanks! 😀 I hardly use flash as well as I find it too harsh. A bounce flash is an external flash unit that allows me to angle the flash. I love the effect of bouncing it off a ceiling for an even and showdowless shot!

      1. Thanks for this….sounds simple enough. I do have a flash unit I can attach to my D80 that has a tilt mechanism to it, so I guess I can use it as a bounce flash. Might try it for some of my benchtop studio still life pix.
        PS: My fave, of all of them which I really like, is the bottom pic…wonderful thinking and so amusing. I’m going to tell Lemony Shots about this post…. 😀

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