I had to choose between running and …

… this! 🙂

On our way to the tracks this morning, we met the new resident cat at the stadium. Well, she’s not quite cat yet but she pretty much has full run of the entire place even though she’s so tiny that she fits nicely into the palm of my hand.

I couldn’t resist stopping to play and the only exercise I got this morning was with a curious kitten that was easily amused with dried leaves, twigs, dirt and anything else that caught her fancy.

Kittens have the most amazing ability to bring out the softest side of people.  I found out that a group of grumpy Malay uncles was looking after her.  Their faces broke out into smiles and softened as they watched her  playful, silly antics.  And then they sheepishly confessed they had named her Manja which means spoilt or pampered in Malay.

With my new little friend at the stadium, I think I just found another excuse not to run in the mornings.  Heh.


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