Cuteness bubble wrapped

I love bubble wrap.  I just do.  It’s impossible to be near it without reaching out to pop, pop, pop, POP!  It’s one of the most pointless things one can ever do but once you start, you just can’t stop.  What’s even more pointless is watching cats play with bubble wrap.  Yet I can’t look away because it is soooooo cute.

I gave them a piece to play with when we brought our new piece of art home.  It’s been 6 months and they are still playing with that SAME PIECE of bubble wrap.  This is a record for our two furry ingrates who diss new cat toys only after 1 day.

That piece of bubble wrap has been chewed on, trampled on, has holes in it and is starting to smell a little funny.  But they still go crazy every time I bring out.  They play hide and seek around it, walk on it, snooze on it or just sit in the middle of it all and stare.

If only I had known how much silly joy bubble wrap would bring them.  Imagine the amount of money I could have saved on cat toys!


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