Weekend in brief

After being together for almost 14 years, I’ve learnt to take a deep breath and give The Hubs space whenever he does something I think is completely NUTS.  The latest was when he came home from his usual run without his shoes a couple of weeks ago.  Not satisfied with running in his (very expensive) barefoot running shoes, he decided to ditch them midway.  I screamed about cuts from broken glass, spit and hello? dirt?!!  He remained nonchalant.  In the end, as in any marriage, we worked out a compromise.  He now goes barefoot only at the stadium tracks.  This is what his feet look like after 6km. And this week, he suffered blisters.  Instead of saying “I told you so”, I took a long, deep breath and said, “it’ll get better by next week”.


I’m quite sure these are weeds.  They were tiny.  Insignificant.  Yet they looked so pretty and delicate against the big empty field.  They were a gentle reminder to take time to appreciate the beauty in ordinary, everyday moments.


This is Flyb@ll playfully swiping at his toy mouse.  The picture isn’t perfect – it’s out of focus and the resolution is crap but I love how it captured the moment.  The cats were happy to have us at home most of the weekend.  They dropped toys at my feet to be played with, settled down for lengthy neck rubs and happily groomed themselves while I pottered around.


Supper after a late Sunday night errand.  Waffles and a scoop of ice cream to wrap up the week – what a treat 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weekend in brief”

  1. Wah, those feet are really red! His threshold for pain must be quite remarkable. So is it really better than wearing barefoot running shoes?

    Your metabolism is enviable. Late nite suppers at your age and you are still so thin!

    1. Hee, actually parts of it are from the track which washes off so it’s not too bad 🙂 But this week, he ended up with a blood blister so he’s been hobbling around. Still, he loves it and swears it’s changed his view of running.

  2. Running barefoot can’t be beat! And contrary to what common sense tells us, bf running does not hurt AT ALL, provided u can contain your new found euphoria and not do ‘too much too soon’, or TMTS as us bf runners call it! 😉

    I was talking abt running with friends over lunch today; i told them I am trying to suppress my new found love for running and not impose it on anyone cos I hated running for as long as I can remember.

    But… that’s because we have forgotten the joy we had running around as kids. I think we were born to love running (how often do u hear parents tell their kids ‘stop running!’?) and the love was lost between the padded shoes, and external forces telling us to run against our will.

    Ok. See what I meant when I said I have to suppress myself?! 😛

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