Tokidoki means ‘sometimes’ in Japanese, but for Tokidoki fans, it means cuteness overload ALL THE TIME!  For the uninitiated, Tokidoki is a series of Japanese-inspired characters by pop artist Simone Legno that appears on a wide range of products, like the Tokidoki range of Le Sports Sac products.

Anyhoo,  Tokidoki and K11 – an art mall located in Tsim Sha Tsui have collaborated to bring an incredibly cool exhibition to fans in Hong Kong.  We are talking huge Tokidoki figures, including a 5-m tall Caesar sculpture that was tailored especially for this exhibition in Hong Kong.  Needless to say, we both spent a good part of our evening happily exploring the mall and the very colourful exhibition.

This is what I like about Hong Kong malls.  Instead of the cookie-cutter model that many Singapore malls fall victim to with the same ‘ol stores no matter where you go, the newer Hong Kong malls try to set themselves apart from each other with quirky features and fresh selling points.  K11 brands itself as an art mall so in addition to retail space, a big part of the mall is dedicated to showcasing art works.  Besides exhibitions like the Tokidoki collaboration, K11 also has a series of interesting in-house pieces like this Mona Lisa wall mosaic which upon closer inspection was made up of … 6,000 pieces of toast!

Also worth checking out at K11 are two great spots for dessert and coffee.

The Agnes B Cafe Le Pain Grille is a lovely place to unwind and recharge.  The cafe’s ambience is all French chic.  They serve coffee, sandwiches and a wide variety of cakes.  We tried the dark chocolate cake which was good but predictable.  The coffee was also nothing to shout about.  But this place isn’t really about the food but more about hanging out at a stylish cafe – sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book and pretending you’re in Paris 🙂

If you want great dessert, then head on down to Paul Lafayet – a French patisserie in K11.  This place is tiny with only 4 counter seats, and more suited for take-outs than dine in.

The Creme Brulee is Paul Lafayet’s best seller, and rightly so.  I wasn’t sure if the creme brulee could handle a couple of hours of shopping so I squeezed onto the counter seats, and ate mine there and then.  They are served in clay ramekins (which you can bring home), and counter staff will caramelize the sugar on the spot when you order.  The creme brulee was heavenly – the creamy custard was light, not too sweet and perfect with the crispy, caramelized sugar.

The Hubs ordered the pear tart.  Meh.  No fight once you’ve tasted the creme brulee.  Plus I’m really not a pear dessert person.  But here’s a pretty shot 🙂

All in all, K11 is worth checking out if you want something different.


18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui station, and take the K11 exit.


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