Possible only when you don’t have kids :)

This is what happens when I end up working non-stop for more than 24 hours.  Sleep deprived and exhausted and feeling very sorry for myself, I checked our schedules, bought the air tickets within days and last weekend, we scooted off to Hong Kong for a couple of days.

When I need a break, I crave Hong Kong.  Many people find this very strange.  Hong Kong is no relaxing beach resort.  On the contrary, it's messy, dusty, crowded and people are always pushing and shoving.  But I think for me, Hong Kong is like an old friend.  There's a comfortable familiarity so there's no need to think, no need to plan.  All you do is hang out and catch up.

So we ate, we shopped and we slept like babies.  We went back to our favourite haunts, and we discovered a couple of new gems.  My feet are aching as usual but I think we got a pretty good break.  

More posts and pics to come.

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