Saturday night

Who says there's nothing to do in Singapore? These days, there's always something interesting going on.  Whether it's going to an art exhibition, toy convention or checking out a new cafe, there's plenty to do if you just look hard enough.  

Last weekend, we spent an interesting couple of hours at Night Festival 2011 – a showcase of light installations from France.  It helped that the museums were open to the public for free during those nights till late so there was lots to see and explore.

We started at SOTA where the school's facade was lit up with a series of cute plastic fishes.  I think the artist wanted to explore the whole concept of man's relationship with the environment and the blah, but frankly it came across pretty much like a mid-autumn lantern light up.

We moved on to the National Museum where there was an outdoor movie screening of some classic horror movie.  We could hear the bloodcurling screams coming from the movie even as we were crossing the road from YMCA.  The Under the Banyan Tree Open Air Cinema takes place every month, and I think if you go armed with a picnic mat and snacks, it's a nice way to spend a weekend evening.  We popped into the museum for quick look and was greeted by the sight of little brown domo-lookalikes holding twelve bright red helium balloons, depicting the artist's struggle balancing her identity, nationality and belonging.  Cool.  We also took the opportunity to check out the Abbas photo exhibition.

Just across the National Museum, we spied the cutest light installation of Green Invaders.  It wasn't anything fancy but they reminded us so much of the retro video games we used to play as kids.

And lined along Bras Basah Road were a row of gigantic study table lamps.  Again, too cute.  Given how nicely they blended into the walkway, and even provided bench space for resting, me thinks they should just keep them there throughout the year.

Our favourite installation had to be Lyrical Perspective which had the whole SAM facade twisting and dancing to the beats of different sounds.  Highly interactive and very fun.

We ended the evening with a quick tour of the Singapore Art Museums where there was a whole series of video and audio installations.  Not quite my cup of tea but still there were a number of interesting pieces.  No complaints since I didn't have to pay.  Such a cheapskate, I know 🙂

So there.  Who says there's nothing interesting to do in Singapore?  

And as any Singaporean would add, "free some more!" 🙂


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