No longer at the bottom

These days, there's something in the house that pisses off The Hubs more than Flyb@ll.

Meet our new toy:

PC-users all our lives, to say we're having some problems adjusting is an understatement.  We're discovering our sleek, sexy new friend has her quirks and is very fussy about who she associates with. Everything and I seriously mean, everything (!) needs to be compatible *exasperated sigh* But we're getting there… we're getting there…

In the meantime, Flyb@ll is enjoying his new status of no longer being right on top of The Hubs' hate list.  Heh.

P/S: Our new friend and I are having some I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out issues with my blog photos so updates will be slow 😛


2 thoughts on “No longer at the bottom”

  1. Frustrations……..
    Hi, sorry to hear about your frustrating new fren. For some reasons, I have always had an instinctive apprehension towards Macs. I always find them too complicated for me, even as fans rave. ;P
    Have a great time over the weekend. More blog posts I am sure will follow on your yummy adventures. 😉

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