“I’m almost always hungry”

That’s what it says on one of the walls and when I saw it, I just knew I would like Little Part 1 Cafe. 

Tucked just behind Thomson Plaza, Little Part 1 Cafe is a great find.  The interior is delightfully charming, and even comes with a bookshelf stacked with what looked like interesting reads.  We were there for an early dinner, and with the evening sun gently streaming into the cosy space, it was a wonderfully relaxing place to hang out on a lazy Sunday.

We shared a side of the original spicy buffalo wings – it was nice with a mildly spicy tangy sauce but it didn’t do much for me cos I found them a little scrawny.  I like my buffalo wings big and juicy so those at Jerry’s are always a tough act to beat.  The mains were good though.  The Hubs ordered the Irish Beef Stew which is available only during the weekends.  It was a hearty dish with tender pieces of beef stewed in guinness and came complete with a side of warm, crusty bread and fresh organic salad – incredible comfort food.  I picked the crepe which came wrapped with marinated salmon, onion, mushrooms and mozzarella.  I loved it – light and so very tasty – it changed my mind about savory crepes.

There’s nothing fancy about this place.  Everything has a laidback, relaxed vibe to it and they serve simple, homecooked meals that are very satisfying.  Worth a visit if you’re in the Thomson area and looking for a place to chill.

Add: 15 Jasmine Road (just behind Thomson Plaza)


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