Sometimes when we have one of those blissful afternoons with absolutely nothing to do, we try to get lost.  The game is simple.  All you have to do is hop onto a bus you have never taken in your life and see where it takes you.  Get off where it looks interesting and explore.  If you’re driving, take the small roads you’ve never noticed before or just go in the opposite direction of where you normally go.  

Since Singapore is so small, it’s really quite hard to get lost.  Most roads lead back to town centrals or familiar places or sometimes, home.  It also goes against instincts to take an unfamiliar road or stop somewhere new.  But if you try hard enough, you’ll soon discover little interesting nooks and crannies.

Some weekends back, we took a drive and found Chong Pang.  I know, I know for most people it’s really no big deal.  I mean, everyone has heard of Chong Pang nasi lemak.  But us two very excited mountain tortoises had never been there in our lives.  It was fun – a helpful Chong Pang auntie recommended one of the best braised duck we’ve had in a long time and we found a store that sells really cute ukuleles.  We didn’t find the famed nasi lemak but it sure made for an interesting couple of hours.

Now the only problem with this game is this: we have no idea how to get back to some of these places.  Dang.


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