Our weekend in one shot

This photo basically sums up how I feel this weekend.  We both caught the nastiest of bugs which came with the shivers, raging fever, running nose, cough and gastric pains.  Doc says it’s basically a stomach flu that’s making its rounds in town and we should recover in a week.  The past few days have passed in a blur of meds and naps.  I think we slept as much as the cats which is quite a feat considering the two furballs are total pros at the napping game.  But it helped heaps.  My fever finally broke today and for the first time in days, I don’t feel like someone punched me in the stomach.  Fingers and toes crossed that this is pretty much it, and both of us should be getting better soon.


2 thoughts on “Our weekend in one shot”

  1. Get well soon
    Oh dear, so sorry to hear that you and Don are both down. Hope you both recover speedily fully. Take care.

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