Welcome to the family

Remember these two?

Our bamboo plants are hot property for sun birds wanting a place to nest.  Every year, we get about 1 – 2 pairs setting up home in our planter.  While I tend to get all excited, The Hubs has a tendency to … well, not tell me about the nests if he can help it. 

You see, I’m a big softie when it comes to animals.  And when you have me for a wife, it means you spend hours of your life poking around drains and bushes looking for the cat/kitten that sounds like it needs help.  The poor Hubs once spent 2 hours in a carpark  balancing off a ladder and coaxing a cat down from a ledge because I refused to believe that the bloody cat could jump down by itself.  This routine can get quite tiring.

It’s been the same thing with birds who nest at our house.  I can’t seem to mind my own business.

Unfortunately for The Hubs, these birds have proven to be rather … bird-brained.  They pick the weakest branches to build their nests. The nests are also often badly structured with little tolerance for wind or rain.  When a crow comes round, they panic and set me off in a panic as well.  So every time a nest falls, I rush in to pick up/save/secure the nests or at times save the baby birds.  Each time, The Hubs tries to stop me from messing with nature which usually ends with me teary-eyed or in the one instance of a baby bird who had fallen, bawling my eyes out.  Not one of my finest moments in this marriage.  So these days, he just keeps quiet about new nests and hopes I don’t discover them.

Luckily for him, this time round, these 2 seem to have passed the nest-building exam.  Their first nest was badly built but instead of pushing through, they built another one next to it.  So it looked a little like semi-D nests.  Too cute 🙂  For the first time in a long time since we moved in, we had a pretty smooth nesting experience.  And I’m happy to announce the arrival of …

As far as I can tell, there are 2 of them and mama bird comes round to feed/check on them every 15 minutes.  Here’s a close-up of one of the babies. 

Everyone altogether now, say "Awww …"


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