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11 thoughts on “Question of the day”

  1. interesting and familiar…….
    haha, yah, another variant is: wld u rather be a small fish in a big ocean or a big fish in a fishbowl? i haven’t really figured out my answer yet, even after thinking about it now and then over the years. πŸ˜‰ what’s your answer?

    1. Re: interesting and familiar…….
      LOL would have guessed it was you although you usually do sign off πŸ™‚
      Here’s my answer:
      Big ocean any time. Sure beats being stuck in a fishbowl!
      Snail vs cheetah. I wanted to be a cheetah cos a cheetah would be able to do more than a snail no matter how slow. But Don reminded me slowest cheetah got nothing to eat. Dang! So the snail I choose πŸ™‚

  2. Alternative analogy…
    I usually ask my friends this question instead:
    “Would you rather be a minor league star, or a major league bench-warmer?” πŸ™‚
    – don

    1. Re: Alternative analogy…
      My answer to your alternative analogy is by far the clearest to me among all the other variations: a minor league star! Cos at least I get to contribute and learn by playing. Being a bench-warmer is so unsatisfying!
      Yah, June, good point – ocean is better than fishbowl. I’d go with the ocean too, provided I’m not actually a goldfish who is meant to stay in a fishbowl. Otherwise, I would only be venturing beyond my depth and inviting myself to be preyed on.
      I think the slowest cheetah will have to hunt when the other cheetahs are full so they won’t compete with it. But it should possibly still be able to survive. I’d go with the snail though cos I don’t think I want to lead such a predatory life. ;P
      Perhaps you and don (by the way, I think the nickname Treehugger is very winsome!) can share your views on this one: Would you rather be a “can just about make it to average doctor” or a good secretary?
      Of course, it’s Aunty SC ;P

      1. Re: Alternative analogy…
        Hmmm … yours is a toughie. Average doc can still save lives I guess but not cool leh. Good secretaries rock but still a secretary. Aiyo. Ok, I’m going to go with average doc because I’ve been watching too much ‘House’. At least average means got chance to try harder? πŸ™‚

      2. Re: Alternative analogy…
        Well, in a minor league, no one knows u, and u dun get any $$$ endorsement u know! πŸ™‚ Having said that, I would choose minor league star myself too – it’s easier to justify living a meaningful life when u are playing!
        On your question, I choose to be a good secretary. I think I will be happier being good at what I do, than to get paid loads and cause a major blunder every now and then. But my choice may be biased cos I’m assuming the secretary gets to go home on time everyday? πŸ˜›

      3. Re: Alternative analogy…
        Hi both of you,
        U know the uncanny thing?? I can just about guess who said what (confirmed by the name of the poster) but the language is so similar! I mean, both of you can actually impersonate each other on the net but of course, those who really know either of you can just about distinguish who’s who. πŸ˜‰
        I just came back from M’sia – went to see a friend’s dad who has a swallowing impairment. I still don’t like travelling, hee. Only place I think I want to go for now is NZ but too bad about the earthquake.
        Anyway, Don’s point is the one that weighs on me – the major blunder part. And no, the secretary doesn’t get to go home on time, though she will earn more than the doctor.
        Does that change things? ;P
        June – yeah, the hope of improvement is what I still have, hence am looking at the remaining 1.5 years as an indication of my potential…. Having started ‘hands on’ work involving people, it’s kinda tough to go back to pen-pushing work. I can’t imagine getting excited about paper projects anymore, but I am usually enlivened by my patients though I am also equally susceptible to stress and anxiety about them. 😦 Double-edged sword……..nothing’s perfect in this world. I just have to find out what is the most meaningful for me in my context.
        Have a great rest of the week – half-way there already!

      4. Re: Alternative analogy…
        Haha I wonder this also counts as 倫妻相!
        I had completely forgotten about the money part. But I didn’t expect the secretary to earn more!?
        NZ is lovely – one of the best places on earth. I suppose you can consider maybe taking a 3-month sabbatical there? Makes the travelling more worthwhile mah πŸ™‚
        You take care and I’ll text you to confirm our next date.

      5. Re: Alternative analogy…
        It’s all euphemistic la. U r the secretary, I’m the doc.;P Eh, my last drawn salary when I left the ministry is like 30% more than my current you know! And they wonder why the allied health field is having a shortage of manpower. Then again, if we were to increase salaries, healthcare costs would only inflate. It’s a political minefield…..hence the reliance on foreign manpower to keep wages depressed…..but that also has its problems. I don’t envy the govt!

      6. Re: Alternative analogy…
        Orh. Take these few years to pursue your dream. After that, if you want, you can always become a secretary again. Good experienced secretaries are hard πŸ™‚

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