Great minds

It was a lazy, cloudy morning when we decided to hop down to the ArtScience Museum to check out the Salvador Dali and Van Gogh exhibitions.  Museums are always good places to hide out during rainy seasons.  Think it’s got to do with being safely cocooned indoors while enjoying the sound of falling raindrops and having lots to see and explore.

To me, Dali has always been about surrealism.  But beyond a vague impression that his sculptures were kinda interesting, I didn’t know anything else.  Walking through the Dali exhibition, I came away convinced that the man was more than a few eggs short of  a basket.  There was so much repressed feelings towards women, religion and sex – a lot stemming from his rather traumatic childhood.  Some of his work, especially his sketches also carried a degree of frenzied violence which I found disturbing.   Having seen his works, this was not a man I would want to hang out and have coffee with.  Yet, this was the same man who designed the Chupa Chups logo.

Despite being an oddball who enjoyed being shocking and outrageous, you can’t deny that Dali had talent.  Here are a couple of our favourite sculptures.  We especially loved the elephant/swan reflection sculpture.  Wonder where I can get a replica.

I like art exhibitions as much as I like museum spaces. And this is where the Artscience Museum rocks.  Because of its unique lotus-inspired architecture, you get to experience different spaces as you walk through the exhibitions.

Moving on to the Van Gogh Alive exhibition.  This was a beautiful multi-sensory experience involving thousands of Van Gogh’s art pieces projected in a darkened gallery filled with huge floor to ceiling projector screens.  Combined with a powerful music score, we crossed our legs, leaned back in the dark and just immersed ourselves in Van Gogh. 

Sorry, pics weren’t allowed so you’ll have to check it out yourself.  But I did take a pic of a quote I really liked outside the gallery.

Hookay, is the ArtScience Museum worth checking out?  At $30 per adult, it is expensive.  Even with the 20% OCBC credit card discounts, I still found it pricey.  I wouldn’t recommend it unless there are really good exhibitions that interest you.  In our case, I broke it down to 10 bucks for Dali, 10 bucks for Van Gogh and 4 bucks for the fascinating architecture so it wasn’t too bad.  The other galleries especially the Museum’s showpiece which gives an introduction to the concept of artscience were bad.  It reminded me of multimedia exhibitions you find at the Science Centre.

Here’s one last shot of us having fun at the Dali exhibition.  I’m sure Dali would approve.


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