Turning Thirty Five

Whoa, how did that happen? 🙂 

Today I hit my mid-30s but I have no idea how that’s suppose to feel.  Some days I wake up feeling like a five year old.  Most days, I honestly have no opinion on how old I feel.  Or what it’s like to be 16 or 30 or like today, 35. 

My mom sent me a birthday text early this morning.  I replied and said thanks for giving birth to me 35 years ago.  I meant it because in my sleepy haze, it occured to me that she deserved more credit on my birthday since she did all the work, and all I did was to show up.

I suppose the point of this post is that it goes beyond numbers.  What’s more important is to remember that every day, every year and every milestone is a blessing and a gift, and what counts is how we live our life.  Everybody grows old but not everyone grows up. 

And it’s also about being grateful for the people who love us enough to celebrate the day that we just showed up.

I am feeling incredibly blessed today.

. a wonderful birthday lunch with the family . a quiet morning with Dali and Van Gogh .
. a kickass afternoon with kungfu panda in 3D .  oodles of noodles for good luck to wrap it all up .


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