Oooh, look what I found :)

This is why The Hubs should never send me to pick up stuff while I’m waiting for my own online purchases to arrive.  Totally spoils the surprise element.  No wonder he turned a little pale when I started shaking the package furiously while trying to figure out if it contained my order from ASOS before tossing it dismissively into the car boot. 

I’m loving my early birthday pressie, and the incredibly cool ipad apps we’re discovering everyday.  Fave app right now is Flipboard that gives me my own personalised social magazine – we are talking awesome magazine page layouts and gorgeous photos using content from my Facebook and Flickr accounts as well as our customised list of websites.  These days, you’ll most probably find me snuggling in bed with my new toy late into the night.  I’m so in geek heaven right now *happy contented sigh*


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