Meet the invisible man

When I saw these photos, I thought they were amazing.  They’re by Liu Bolin, an artist from Shandong, China who camouflages himself in his surroundings.  This is done purely by painting himself – no tricks, no photoshopping.  His work is a protest against the China Government who shut down his studio in 2005 and persecution of artists.  This man is dedicated – he works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time just so he can get it right.  Apparently, some passers-by don’t even realise he’s there until he moves.  I can imagine – the last picture took me a while! 🙂 

(Photos courtesy of 


2 thoughts on “Meet the invisible man”

  1. Wow
    Wow, I’m impressed! But I worry for his health. I think paint is toxic and him painting his skin so much……..wonder if he bathes in kerosene / thinner. 😛
    Enjoyed your maid analogy. Much better than the drivers/pilots ones going around.
    Aunty SC

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