Of birthdays, pigs and birds

The nephews are big fans of Angry Birds.  So we thought they would enjoy a couple of the newly launched Angry Birds plush toys for their birthday.  Completely huggable and so very cranky, the birds arrived just in time for their birthday.

Then we figured it would be fun to go a little further, and picked up dozens of tissue boxes.  Why? Because (1) it’s always fun to tell a kid you got him a year-long supply of tissues for his birthday and watch his reaction; and (2) what fun would Angry Birds plush toys be if you couldn’t build your own puzzles, and hurl your birds at pigs in self-made fortresses? 

We soon had birds hurtling through the air, crashing of tissue boxes and howls of laughter.  Needless to  say, the boys (and the adults in the house) had a blast! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Of birthdays, pigs and birds”

  1. great aunty and uncle
    Hi, you make such a great aunty and uncle pair! U put me to shame. 😛 I don’t do such great stuff with my own niece and nephews. And I probably don’t deserve my own moniker.;P
    Aunty SC

    1. Re: great aunty and uncle
      you’ll forever be the one and only aunty sc to me! 🙂 and hor, the real reason we buy stuff for the kids is that we’re just big kids ourselves who also want to play!

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