What’s for dinner?

I’ve been having a craving for some freshly made spring onion pancakes for weeks.  The thought of the warm, crispy, fragrant pancakes was enough to drive me to a fanatical googling of online recipes.  Lucky for me (or so I thought), Google said making spring onion pancakes were one of the easiest things ever.  Then I found this Cantonese auntie on Youtube who showed me just how easy it was. 

Last Sunday, I found myself covered in flour, furiously scrubbing out sticky dough from my mixing bowl and throwing away my poor dough-covered dishwashing sponge in exasperation.  I followed the instructions on the stuupid Youtube video to a tee.  But instead of the nice ball of dough the auntie made, mine was a thick and gluey.  Ever the optimist, I attempted to knead my very sad sticky dough only to end up with my hands and everything else in a white gummy mess.  Refusing to give up, I started a second round from scratch.  Turns out that when it comes to cooking, you cannot just follow instructions.  I put in less water than what the recipe called for, and managed to get a decent dough going.  It was still a messy affair with flour all over my kitchen counter but after 2 hours of frustration, I got this!

And we had warm spring onion pancakes with cold soya bean milk for dinner.  My pancakes weren’t exactly flakey but they were still good – crispy and fragrant.

Moral of the story?  Just go to Lao Beijing for lunch.


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