Mars and Venus

You know how they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus? I didn’t realise that the 2 planets could be found on the same bed until this week. 

I spent the whole week sleeping on The Hubs’ side of the bed because I was down with a cold.  Yes, again. Anyhoo, the aircon blows directly on my side so to help stop the sniffles, we switched sides.  That was when I discovered how different his side was.  It was definitely less drafty.  But more than that, I was surprised by how little stuff there was.  My side is always cluttered – books, toys, odds and ends, and I swear, if food was allowed in the bedroom, I would stock up on chocolates and cookies. 

Here’s a peek at some of the stuff on my side – a whole lot of different organic moisturisers, unread books, a cute kitty massager from our Tokyo trip, Trexi space cats that look like Flyb@ll and Moof@, a bear that helps hold my wedding ring, a smoke mask in case a fire breaks out and we need to run for our lives and a super powerful Maglite in case of power failure or if I need to blind an intruder.  This is on top of a really loud alarm clock, remote controls, headphones, medication, more torchlights and a bunch of other useless items. 

His side? Just books and mags, and a baseball bat (in case of a break in).

I’m no psychiatrist but I’m pretty certain what’s on our bedside says quite a bit about one’s personality.  I obviously need a whole lot of crap just to feel secure and safe.  I don’t really need these things but I like having them there.  The Hubs?  His side is just very him – always secure in his own skin plus he really reads the strangest things. 

So what does your bedside look like?

Btw, I’ve moved back to Venus.


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