Celebrating Earth Hour

Meet the frog that lives in our bathroom.  The little fella lights up when you place him on any wet surface.  Incredibly cute.  And so very useful when you don’t want to turn on the bathroom lights.

By the way, The Hubs just commented that I’m not much of a friend of the Earth considering that I like the house to be flooded with lights the rest of the year.  Fine.  So today, I promise to go beyond Earth Hour and to switch off the lights whenever I leave a room.  Me green.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Hour”

  1. Earth Hour
    Froggie very cute indeed. 😉 But you know something? From what I have heard, switching off the lights only to switch them on again after a short while (say less than 20min) consumes more electricity than if you were to leave them on.
    But for me, yup, I switch off the main power (nothing on standby) wherever possible. Not so much due to loving the Earth (as to me, this Earth is not going to last anyway, so am not concentrating on preserving it at all cost) but due to loving my pocket. ;P
    Aunty SC

    1. Re: Earth Hour
      Heh, heh, I’m promising to turn off the lights when not using to get the tree hugger off my back. He says accordng to myth busters, non-energy saving lights use more energy when left on. However, you’re right too cos for flourescent lights, if you’re going to need them within the next 15 minutes, you should just leave them on. Tree hugger was very happy when I told him you turn off the mains 🙂

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