When was the last time you had a burger for breakfast?  Ours was 3 weeks ago on a freezing winter morning in Tokyo at Freshness Burger and it was damn good! 

Freshness Burger is a popular Japanese fast-food chain.  It prides itself on having its buns baked onsite and no frozen ingredients are used.  We tried the classic cheese burger, and while I wouldn’t say it was as good as a gourmet burger, it was one of the better burgers we’ve had.  The beef pattie looked like it was made from freshly ground beef and the lettuce and veg used were the freshest I’ve seen in a burger, even in the gourmet ones. 

The menu at Freshness is pretty extensive, with a wonderful range of drinks that include organic teas.  We also tried their very yummy chocolate donut balls – again fresh with no bad oily aftertaste. 

I think the draw of Freshness lies simply in the use of fresh ingredients.  Prices are not cheap but like most Japanese stores, there’s pride in what they do and they give you quality stuff.  I haven’t tried the outlets that have just opened in Singapore but I think it’s a tough act to follow.  Most Japanese outlets that open here tend to slide after a while because they can’t seem to keep up with using fresh, quality ingredients, and cut corners.  Well, let’s hope Freshness stays fresh and I’ll have a burger for breakfast again. 


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